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Standard Health Checkup for Women in Hyderabad

In the present world women and men are equally considered and are equally working. Because of this, women have to face so many health problems due to job stress and home making works. On this condition an annual health checkup is essential for a women to know about the current condition of her body and also to get rid of various health problems.

Tesla Diagnostics and Polyclinics is one of the best Diagnostic Center in Hyderabad which provides Standard Health Checkup for women at an affordable rate.

Health Checkup for Women includes tests like

Complete Thyroid Profile.
Complete Urine Examination.
Ultrasound Whole Abdomen.
Serum Cholesterol Test.
Chest X-ray.
PAP Smear Test.
Test for Vitamin D3.
Gynecologist Consultation.

Complete Thyroid Profile : 

Thyroid gland is responsible for the body metabolism to be normal. Thyroid gland produces various hormones for activating this job. Normally blood tests are done to find out the actual level of the thyroid hormones. By this blood test the doctor can identify whether the production of these hormone is over, under or normal.

Complete Urine Examination :

A complete urine examination or urinalysis consists of a group of tests to determine the cellular fragments, cells, or bacteria in the urine. It also finds out the abnormal metabolism of urination.
Many abnormalities can be detected at the early stage itself by examining the urine. The concentration of constituents like glucose, billirubin, protein, crystals, bacteria, red blood cells and white blood cells are found out. A slight difference from the normal concentration is to be noted.

Haemogram :

A complete blood count (CBC) or haemogram is a series of tests that is used to find out disorders like infection, anemia and other blood related diseases. By this blood test , the health of each and every part of the body is should be examined.

Ultrasound Whole Abdomen :

Ultrasound whole abdomen is an procedure used to find out the disorder in the inner organs of women. By this procedure a wide range of disorders of the uterus, bladder and the ovaries can be identified easily and fastly. If there is any positive result, then further investigations are provided.

Serum Cholesterol Test:

cholesterol is a fat like substance that doesn't dissolve in blood. So cholesterol is carried to cell by lipoprotiens. Our body needs some cholesterol. But the high level of serum cholesterol may leads to health problems.

Chest X-ray : 

X-ray uses small amount of radiation to get a clear picture of the bones, tissues and organs of the body. This is carried out inorder to find out the defects or abnormalities of the bones, blood vessels, heart, lungs etc..

PAP Smear Test :

PAP smear test is usually a test for cervical cancer. For women aged more than 30 this test is done along with the test for human papillomavirus.

Test for Vitamin D3 :

Vitamin D3 is mainly obtained from sunlight. The deficiency of this may leads to various health problems. So the test for vitamin D3 is done.

Mammography :

Mammography is a technique used to find out the the abnormal changes happening to the breast. Ie, to checkout the breast cancer. A mammogram is the instrument used for this. This uses a low-dose x-ray exam to look out the abnormalities, and then recorded in a x-ray film.

Gynecologist Consultation : 

A woman's checkup will be complete if it includes a gynecologist consultation. This is done if there is any problems related to gynecology for the patient.

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