Friday, 10 April 2015

Best Diagnostics Clinic in Hyderabad

What is the need of a Preventive Health Check Up ?

For a productive, happy and rewarding life, a good health is necessary. But in this busy and compitative world, most of the people forget about their own health until they fall in to a complicated health problem. To cope up with the risk of having a medical problem, health monitors like preventive health check ups and doctor consultations became necessary. Most of the health problems are solvable, if they get detected as early as possible.

Tesla Diagnostics and Polyclinics is one of the Best Diagnostics Clinic in Hyderabad which provides preventive health checkup packages. The health check up packages of tesla aims to promote and preserve the good health of the patient by preventing the diseases and facilitate the early diagnosis and thus providing proper treatment.

What are the preparation to be taken on Health Checks ?

On the day of the check up, before the check up starts, 8 to 10 hours of fasting is required. Only the drinking of water is allowed at the time of the test. Taking of breakfast is done after the blood samples are drawn and USG is completed.

The health check duration varies according to the package selection and to the need of the patient. After the receiving of the check up results, doctor consultation is needed if necessary. 

If the patient is a diabetic patient and undergoing the diabetes medication, then the prescribed medicines should be also taken while undergoing the checkup.

For Ladies : The medical check up should be carried out around 10-14 days of the menstrual cycle.

While taking Ultrasound : The Ultrasound is about 15 to 20 minutes of duration. Before the begining of the test one should take a plenty of water because during this test the urinary bladder should be full. For USG abdomen fasting is needed but for USG pelvis fasting is not needed.

While taking X-ray : X-rays are strictly avoided for pregnant women and for persons who have undergone an x-ray in past 3 months.

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