Friday, 26 June 2015

Renal Profile Tests in India

The diagnostic tests that are designed specially to collect details about the functioning of kidney is known as Renal Profile. This is mainly carried out in times were a doctors suspects that the patient has any kidney problems or this can be carried out as part of the overall health check up program. 

Tesla Diagnostics is one of the famous Diagnostics Center in Hyderabad which provides best Renal Profile Tests in India.

In a renal profile a blood sample is taken for analysis. Here all the minerals in the blood are checked. The levels of calcium, chloride, creatinine, sodium, albumin, carbon dioxide, blood urea nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, protein and glucose are found out during this test. The reference ranges are calculated by considering the gender and age of the patient and thus found out whether their levels are normal or abnormal. Based on the collected information, there generates a report including the levels and notifying the abnormalities if any.

If someone is consulting a doctor for a problem related to urination such as painful urination, excessive urination and thirst, forthful urine or concentrated urine, then the doctor will order for a urinalysis for finding whether the problem is related to urinary bladder. If the urinalysis is abnormal, then a renal profile is required to find out more details and see if the problem lies in kidneys.

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