Friday, 26 June 2015

Renal Profile Tests in India

The diagnostic tests that are designed specially to collect details about the functioning of kidney is known as Renal Profile. This is mainly carried out in times were a doctors suspects that the patient has any kidney problems or this can be carried out as part of the overall health check up program. 

Tesla Diagnostics is one of the famous Diagnostics Center in Hyderabad which provides best Renal Profile Tests in India.

In a renal profile a blood sample is taken for analysis. Here all the minerals in the blood are checked. The levels of calcium, chloride, creatinine, sodium, albumin, carbon dioxide, blood urea nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, protein and glucose are found out during this test. The reference ranges are calculated by considering the gender and age of the patient and thus found out whether their levels are normal or abnormal. Based on the collected information, there generates a report including the levels and notifying the abnormalities if any.

If someone is consulting a doctor for a problem related to urination such as painful urination, excessive urination and thirst, forthful urine or concentrated urine, then the doctor will order for a urinalysis for finding whether the problem is related to urinary bladder. If the urinalysis is abnormal, then a renal profile is required to find out more details and see if the problem lies in kidneys.

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Diabetes Check Up in Hyderabad

The Diabetic Profile in Tesla is a comprehensive set of routine laboratory tests that will help a person to manage and prevent diabetes.
The Diabetic Profile in Tesla Includes

  • Hemoglobin A1c Test
  • Urine Microalbumin Test  &
  • Comprehensive Health Check Up

Hemoglobin A1c Test

This is a test for finding the long term level of the glucose. Normally the sugar molecules or glucose molecules will bind with the hemoglobin molecules and stay there for a long time. This test finds out the level of the glucose that are bind. If the amount of hemoglobin A1c is high, then the person will have a high blood glucose. According to the value of hemoglobin A1c, one can find out the average of the blood glucose level during the previous 7 to 12 weeks. This level can indicates the level of control of diabetes on 3 months before test. The gained information from the test will help a person to find out whether the medication of diabetes need to be changed or not. This also help to estimate the risk of a person to develop diabetes related complications like vision problems, kidney failure etc.

Urine Microalbumin Test

This test checks the presence of protein called albumin in the urine. Albumin is normally seen in the blood and it is normally filtered by the kidneys. If the kidneys are working properly, then there will be no albumin in the urine. If it is not working properly, albumin will leak to the urine causing a disorder known as microalbuminuria.

Comprehensive Health Check Up

Comprehensive health check up is normally provided in the package of diabetes profile. It screens for major organ functioning,anemia, and other illness indications along with physician consultation.

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Friday, 10 April 2015

Best Diagnostics Clinic in Hyderabad

What is the need of a Preventive Health Check Up ?

For a productive, happy and rewarding life, a good health is necessary. But in this busy and compitative world, most of the people forget about their own health until they fall in to a complicated health problem. To cope up with the risk of having a medical problem, health monitors like preventive health check ups and doctor consultations became necessary. Most of the health problems are solvable, if they get detected as early as possible.

Tesla Diagnostics and Polyclinics is one of the Best Diagnostics Clinic in Hyderabad which provides preventive health checkup packages. The health check up packages of tesla aims to promote and preserve the good health of the patient by preventing the diseases and facilitate the early diagnosis and thus providing proper treatment.

What are the preparation to be taken on Health Checks ?

On the day of the check up, before the check up starts, 8 to 10 hours of fasting is required. Only the drinking of water is allowed at the time of the test. Taking of breakfast is done after the blood samples are drawn and USG is completed.

The health check duration varies according to the package selection and to the need of the patient. After the receiving of the check up results, doctor consultation is needed if necessary. 

If the patient is a diabetic patient and undergoing the diabetes medication, then the prescribed medicines should be also taken while undergoing the checkup.

For Ladies : The medical check up should be carried out around 10-14 days of the menstrual cycle.

While taking Ultrasound : The Ultrasound is about 15 to 20 minutes of duration. Before the begining of the test one should take a plenty of water because during this test the urinary bladder should be full. For USG abdomen fasting is needed but for USG pelvis fasting is not needed.

While taking X-ray : X-rays are strictly avoided for pregnant women and for persons who have undergone an x-ray in past 3 months.

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Standard Health Checkup for Women in Hyderabad

In the present world women and men are equally considered and are equally working. Because of this, women have to face so many health problems due to job stress and home making works. On this condition an annual health checkup is essential for a women to know about the current condition of her body and also to get rid of various health problems.

Tesla Diagnostics and Polyclinics is one of the best Diagnostic Center in Hyderabad which provides Standard Health Checkup for women at an affordable rate.

Health Checkup for Women includes tests like

Complete Thyroid Profile.
Complete Urine Examination.
Ultrasound Whole Abdomen.
Serum Cholesterol Test.
Chest X-ray.
PAP Smear Test.
Test for Vitamin D3.
Gynecologist Consultation.

Complete Thyroid Profile : 

Thyroid gland is responsible for the body metabolism to be normal. Thyroid gland produces various hormones for activating this job. Normally blood tests are done to find out the actual level of the thyroid hormones. By this blood test the doctor can identify whether the production of these hormone is over, under or normal.

Complete Urine Examination :

A complete urine examination or urinalysis consists of a group of tests to determine the cellular fragments, cells, or bacteria in the urine. It also finds out the abnormal metabolism of urination.
Many abnormalities can be detected at the early stage itself by examining the urine. The concentration of constituents like glucose, billirubin, protein, crystals, bacteria, red blood cells and white blood cells are found out. A slight difference from the normal concentration is to be noted.

Haemogram :

A complete blood count (CBC) or haemogram is a series of tests that is used to find out disorders like infection, anemia and other blood related diseases. By this blood test , the health of each and every part of the body is should be examined.

Ultrasound Whole Abdomen :

Ultrasound whole abdomen is an procedure used to find out the disorder in the inner organs of women. By this procedure a wide range of disorders of the uterus, bladder and the ovaries can be identified easily and fastly. If there is any positive result, then further investigations are provided.

Serum Cholesterol Test:

cholesterol is a fat like substance that doesn't dissolve in blood. So cholesterol is carried to cell by lipoprotiens. Our body needs some cholesterol. But the high level of serum cholesterol may leads to health problems.

Chest X-ray : 

X-ray uses small amount of radiation to get a clear picture of the bones, tissues and organs of the body. This is carried out inorder to find out the defects or abnormalities of the bones, blood vessels, heart, lungs etc..

PAP Smear Test :

PAP smear test is usually a test for cervical cancer. For women aged more than 30 this test is done along with the test for human papillomavirus.

Test for Vitamin D3 :

Vitamin D3 is mainly obtained from sunlight. The deficiency of this may leads to various health problems. So the test for vitamin D3 is done.

Mammography :

Mammography is a technique used to find out the the abnormal changes happening to the breast. Ie, to checkout the breast cancer. A mammogram is the instrument used for this. This uses a low-dose x-ray exam to look out the abnormalities, and then recorded in a x-ray film.

Gynecologist Consultation : 

A woman's checkup will be complete if it includes a gynecologist consultation. This is done if there is any problems related to gynecology for the patient.

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Heart Check up in Hyderabad

Routine Heart Check up is very essential for a human being to maintain an healthy life. By routine heart check up many heart diseases can be detected at its early stage itself and can get rid of it.

Tesla Diagnostics and Polyclinics in Chandanagar is one of the Diagnostic Center in Hyderabad that provides an overall and effective heart check up at an affordable rate.

Need For an Heart Check up :

Heart Check up is essentially required for people who have high risk of heart diseases. ie. People who have hereditary heart disorders.
In some cases the high BP, or diabetes, or high cholesterol can leads to heart attacks, those persons also requires heart check ups.
The person who are above 40 years should compulsorily need to take an heart check up, since there is a risk for heart attacks for aged persons.

Tests in a Heart Check up :

The main tests that are included in a heart check up are

  • Heart Rate Checking.
  • Heart Beat Checking.
  • Blood Pressure Checking.
  • Physical Exam for identifying the heart's working.
  • Blood Tests.

Heart Rate Checking :

Heart Rate is detected or checked by the doctor by placing the finger in the inner wrist. By placing like this the doctor can feel the pulsing against his finger.

Heart Beat Checking : 

Heart Beat is checked by the doctor by using an instrument known as stethoscope. By placing the stethoscope on the left side of the chest the doctor can hear the heart beat rhythm and thus can found out whether it is working properly or not.

Blood Pressure Checking : 

The force that is exerted to the arteries by the blood while pumping is known as the blood pressure.
It has two measurements , They are

  • Systolic Blood Pressure.
  • Diastolic Blood Pressure.

Systolic Pressure is the pressure in the arteries while contraction of the heart. Normally systolic blood pressure should be less than or equal to 90 mm/Hg.
Diastolic Pressure is the pressure in the arteries while relaxation of the heart between heart beats. Diastolic blood pressure should be less than or equal to 140 mm/Hg.

Physical Exam :

The health of heart can also be found out by examining the other body parts. For confirming the health of the heart the doctor may check out the other body parts like skin, legs, arms, eyes etc..

Blood Tests :

Blood test is also essential to find out the heart problems. By testing blood, the  cholesterol level in the blood can be detected, it can also detect the oxygen amount in the blood. If there is less content of oxygen in the blood then this can leads to serious heart problems.

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