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Heart Check up in Hyderabad

Routine Heart Check up is very essential for a human being to maintain an healthy life. By routine heart check up many heart diseases can be detected at its early stage itself and can get rid of it.

Tesla Diagnostics and Polyclinics in Chandanagar is one of the Diagnostic Center in Hyderabad that provides an overall and effective heart check up at an affordable rate.

Need For an Heart Check up :

Heart Check up is essentially required for people who have high risk of heart diseases. ie. People who have hereditary heart disorders.
In some cases the high BP, or diabetes, or high cholesterol can leads to heart attacks, those persons also requires heart check ups.
The person who are above 40 years should compulsorily need to take an heart check up, since there is a risk for heart attacks for aged persons.

Tests in a Heart Check up :

The main tests that are included in a heart check up are

  • Heart Rate Checking.
  • Heart Beat Checking.
  • Blood Pressure Checking.
  • Physical Exam for identifying the heart's working.
  • Blood Tests.

Heart Rate Checking :

Heart Rate is detected or checked by the doctor by placing the finger in the inner wrist. By placing like this the doctor can feel the pulsing against his finger.

Heart Beat Checking : 

Heart Beat is checked by the doctor by using an instrument known as stethoscope. By placing the stethoscope on the left side of the chest the doctor can hear the heart beat rhythm and thus can found out whether it is working properly or not.

Blood Pressure Checking : 

The force that is exerted to the arteries by the blood while pumping is known as the blood pressure.
It has two measurements , They are

  • Systolic Blood Pressure.
  • Diastolic Blood Pressure.

Systolic Pressure is the pressure in the arteries while contraction of the heart. Normally systolic blood pressure should be less than or equal to 90 mm/Hg.
Diastolic Pressure is the pressure in the arteries while relaxation of the heart between heart beats. Diastolic blood pressure should be less than or equal to 140 mm/Hg.

Physical Exam :

The health of heart can also be found out by examining the other body parts. For confirming the health of the heart the doctor may check out the other body parts like skin, legs, arms, eyes etc..

Blood Tests :

Blood test is also essential to find out the heart problems. By testing blood, the  cholesterol level in the blood can be detected, it can also detect the oxygen amount in the blood. If there is less content of oxygen in the blood then this can leads to serious heart problems.

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